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Have Samsung SSD (Solid-state drives) Best Price in Bangladesh at Binary Logic


The Samsung SSD Series of solid-state drives (SSD) is one of the most advanced products in their class. It delivers the speed and reliability needed to deliver a great experience while you are gaming, running applications, or streaming videos.
The Samsung SSD Series is designed with a high-performance, low-power design so the drive can deliver up to 50 percent greater performance and increased reliability over standard SATA 3Gbps drives.

How to buy a high-performing Samsung SSD for your PC?

Samsung’s new line of Solid-State Drives will improve your PC’s performance and load games faster and more reliably. This is a result of Samsung’s enterprise and commercialization focus on SSD drives.
The company has also introduced an enterprise app that lets users monitor their data usage, as well as adjust the amount of free space on their SSD drives to optimize their system.


The Samsung 840 Evo is Samsung's latest addition to the solid-state drive (SSD) family and it has truly made a splash on the market. It not only brings back the legendary performance of previous drives but offers an incredible price tag for its capacity.
The 840 Evo is a great option for anyone who already has plenty of storage and needs more space for their games and other applications. With 64 gigabytes of capacity per drive, you can install any number of games without slowing down your system performance. This makes it an ideal solution if you're looking to game at a high-performance level while also saving money on storage.


Samsung SSD (Solid-state drives) price in Bangladesh


Samsung SSD


Samsung 4TB 870 EVO SATA III 2.5" Internal SSD

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Samsung 1TB 870 EVO SATA III 2.5" Internal SSD

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Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD

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Samsung 1TB 870 QVO SATA III 2.5″ Internal SSD

৳ 9,200