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Get The Desktop and laptop RAM (Random Access Memory) At Best The Price in Bangladesh

RAM is the short form for Random Access Memory and is a type of computer memory that can be accessed directly without moving through any other storage location. RAM is the short form for Random Access Memory and is a type of computer memory that can be accessed directly without moving through any other storage location. Here you'll get DDR3 DDR4, DDR5 4GB,8GB, 16GB, 32GB Desktop & Laptop Ram. Binary Logic is an authorized Gskill partner in Bangladesh. 

How to Check Ram Size, Speed, and Type

There are lots of ways to check RAM information. Here you'll learn how you can find RAM info using the task manager

Task Manager

1) On your keyboard, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc at the same time to open Task Manager.

2) Go to the Performance tab, then click Memory. There, you will see the RAM speed, the amount of RAM that is currently being used, as well as the available memory you can still utilize.

How to choose RAM for your desktop & laptop?

The best way to determine the proper amount of RAM for your desktop or laptop is to consider the type of usage you intend to use it for. Most people will want to start with at least 16GB of RAM, but if you are on a budget, you can always go higher. You should also keep in mind that RAM has its speed limit, so buying a slower type may cause your system to run slowly.

If you want to run a basic application then 4GB RAM is perfect for you, 8GB RAM gives you more functionality. 16GB & 32GB RAM help to do any kind of multitasking & complex work. 

Buy Desktop Laptop DDR4 & DDR5 RAM (Random Access Memory) from the best RAM Shop in BD at Binary Logic

Upgrade Your PC with Desktop Laptop DDR4 & DDR5 RAM (Random Access Memory) from Binary Logic - Bangladesh's Best RAM Shop.

G.skill Desktop Laptop DDR4 & DDR5 RAM (Random Access Memory) Price in BD 2024

Gskill RAM

Price BDT

G Skill Trident Z RGB F4-3200C16D-16GTZR 8GB


G Skill Trident Z Royal Elite F4-3600C16D-16GTESC 16


G.skill Ripjaws 32GB DDR5 Laptop RAM CL40-39-39 & 1.10V


G.Skill NT-Series 4GB DDR3 Desktop 1600MHz RAM


G.Skill Ripjaws-V 8GB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM


G.Skill Ripjaws-V 16GB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM


G.Skill Trident-Z 8GB DDR4 Desktop 3200MHz RAM



Latest 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB laptop RAM price in BD

Laptop Ram Price in BD
8GB G.Skill Ripjaws SO-DIMM  DDR4  2,700
16 GB G.Skill Ripjaws SO-DIMM DDR4 RAM 4,600
8 GB G.Skill Ripjaws SO-DIMM DDR4 2,800
16 GB G.Skill Ripjaws SO-DIMM  2666MHz DDR4 RAM 4,800
4 GB G.Skill Ripjaws SO-DIMM  2666MHz DDR4L RAM 2,200 


Should You Upgrade to DDR5 RAM?

There are several reasons to upgrade to DDR5 RAM. These include improved performance and increased memory bandwidth. However, DDR5 is still expensive, especially compared to the previous generation of Random Access Memory. Currently, the speed of DDR5 memory is around 7200 million transfers per second, with higher speeds coming later. DDR5 RAM is compatible with both dual-channel and quad-channel systems. Ultimately, DDR5 Random Access Memory is faster than DDR4 RAM.

DDR5 RAM price in BD

Binary Logic is the G.skill authorized partner in BD so you'll get ddr5 RAM at an affordable price in Bangladesh. Find your nearest branch to buy 100% authentic ddr5 RAM.

8GB Laptop RAM Price in BD

Laptop Ram  Price in BD
G.Skill Laptop RAM 8GB 3200MHz F4-3200C22S-8GRS Cash Price 2,600 ৳
G.Skill Ripjaws SO-DIMM 8GB 2400MHz DDR4L RAM Cash Price 2,700 ৳
G.Skill SO-DIMM 8GB 1600MHz DDR3L Laptop RAM Cash Price 2,300 ৳