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In a computer, the power supply unit is a circuit board that provides power for the motherboard and other peripheral components, such as the RAM chips. It is often called a “PSU” or “power supply unit.” It is sometimes called an “ac adapter.”
Most computers use some type of PSU, though some models communicate directly with the motherboard without any external component. In certain cases, a PSU may be installed right into the case itself or into another (known as a “radiator mounted”) component in the case.
The term “PSU” was used historically for various types of power supplies that were installed in computers at various times in their histories. It has been used since at least 1979 to refer to one of these types of units, although it may have been used before that time as well.
The term "power supply unit" has also been used by manufacturers to refer to an internal component (known as a "ping station") that supplies power directly to the circuitry on its circuit board without any external component (such as an AC adapter). The term "power supply" is typically reserved for devices designed specifically for this purpose, such as PSUs intended as alternative power sources for laptops and desktop PCs.

How to Choose a Good Power Supply Unit

The power supply is a hardware component that supplies power to computer components other than the CPU (central processing unit). It does so by connecting to the motherboard and connecting to the system voltage regulators.
The power supply unit is attached to the motherboard using a cable. A power supply unit has two main purposes: To provide additional voltage and current, which are needed for a computer's processor(s), and To dissipate heat from the motherboard, which is generated during the operation of the computer.
A good power supply unit will have a lot more features compared to cheaper ones. Some of the important features include:
Power Supply Unit (PSU) Standards
There are several standards for PSUs today, including -
1. ATX12V
2. ATX12V / EPS12V / SLI / NVME / UL + CSA-C22.2
3. ATX12V / SLI / NVMe / UL + CSA-C22.2
4. MicroUSB Portable Power Supply Units with Active PFC  5. Dual PCI Express or Open PFC 6. Active PFC  7. Active PFC 8 . Active PFC 9 . Passive Cross-Connect Control Board 10. ATX 12V & EPS 12V PSU Standards 11. EPS12V/ATX12V/+ATX12V standard 12. PCIe Power Delivery 13. ATX 12/24 V DC Output 14. Single Phase DC Input 15. AC Input 16. DC Output 17. AC Input 18: AC Input 19: PSU Power Connectors 20: SATA Power Connectors 21: PCI Express power connectors 22: Serial Port 3 (SP3) 23: Serial Port 4 (SP4), Serial Port 5 (SP5) 24: USB 3 Type-A 25: USB 3 Type B 26: SATA Power connectors 27: SATA6G connectors 28: MCP 9 connectors 29: MCP 8 connectors 30: MCP 7 connectors 31: MCP 6 connectors 32: EC connector 33: Digital Signal Connectors 34: Digital Signal Connectors 35: DC Output Voltage 36: DC Output Current 37: DC Output Capacitance 38: Thermistor Sensitivity 39: Fan Speed 40: Fan Speed Sensitivity 41: Fan Noise Level 42: Thermal Interface Material 43: Thermal Interface Material Resistance 44, Thermostat Sensitivity 45, Thermostat Sensitivity 46, Thermostat Sensitivity 47, Thermal Interface Material 48

What to Look for in a Good Power Supply Unit

The first thing you should always check is whether or not the PSU is rated at the same level of power output as your computer. A small problem with computers these days is that they can use more than one kind of power supply unit, which makes it easier to be confused between two different kinds of units. For example, if your computer uses a standard ATX PSU, then this could be a good fit for powering all of your peripherals (mouse, keyboard, monitor), but if it also has an important graphics card inside it, then this might not be the best choice since such a large amount of extra power would need to be supplied by another kind of PSU – for example, an SLI connector would typically only work with a single-slot system. Some standard systems such as Macs have some form of dual-slot system where there’s only one slot available for a PSU but both slots are used at once so you can have two PSUs running at once from one slot but only one from the other (SLI).
So what you need to do is evaluate the hardware performance with the help of tests like CPU-Z or CPU-Z+ and see whether or not it’s compatible with what type of PSU you want to purchase. 

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