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Nvidia Leadtek WinFast RTX 4080 Super Hurricane 16G GDDR6X

IN STOCK Regular Price 155,600 ৳ Cash Price 140,000 ৳ SKU: 82226 Warranty: Two Year Warranty Home Delivery: Yes
Monthly EMI
3 Months EMI ৳ 51867
6 Months EMI ৳ 25933
9 Months EMI ৳ 17289
12 Months EMI ৳ 12967

Product Highlights / Key Features


NVIDIA® Ada Lovelace GPU

10240 CUDA Cores

16GB GDDR6X Memory

256 bit Memory Interface

23 Gbps Memory Speed

Base clock: 2295 MHz

Boost clock: 2550 MHz

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  • NVIDIA® Ada Lovelace GPU
  • 10240 CUDA Cores
  • 16GB GDDR6X Memory
  • 256 bit Memory Interface
  • 23 Gbps Memory Speed
  • Base clock: 2295 MHz
  • Boost clock: 2550 MHz
  • 3rd Generation Ray Tracing Cores
  • 4th Generation Tensor Cores
  • 16 Pin Supplementary Power Connector
  • Three 100mm large fans
  • 8 Heat Pipes
  • Metal Backplate


The GeForce RTXTM 4080 delivers the ultra performance and features that enthusiast gamers and creators demand. Bring your games and creative projects to life with ray tracing and AI-powered graphics. It’s powered by the ultra-efficient NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture and up to 16GB of superfast G6X memory.

NVIDIA Ada Lovelace Architecture
Ahead of its time, ahead of the game.

New Streaming Multiprocessors

Up to 2x performance and power efficiency

Fourth-Gen Tensor Cores

Up to 4X performance with DLSS 3 vs. brute-force rendering

Third-Gen RT Cores

Up to 2x ray tracing performance

Cutting-Edge GPUs

NVIDIA Ada Lovelace Architecture

Realistic and lmmersive Graphics

Dedicated Ray Tracing Cores

AI-Accelerated Performance


Game-Winning Responsiveness

NVIDIA Reflex low-latency platform

Built for Live Streaming

NVIDIA Encoder

AI-Enhanced Voice and Video

NVIDIA Broadcast

Fast-Track Your Creativity


Performance and Reliability

Game Ready and Studio Drivers

Metal back plate

2 Support display port X 3 and HDMI

3 Top-shelf capacitors, chokes, and MOSFETs

4 8 heat pipes and large area heat sink fins

5 Esports LED

6 Three 100mm large cooling fans

Hurricane-class fans

Three 100mm large fans provide hurricane-level airflow to quickly reduce temperatures and maximize performance, delivering a smooth and blazing-fast experience. The two fans on either side spin counterclockwise to reduce turbulence and further enhance heat dissipation.

Airflow directing fan design

The two side fans spin counterclockwise, so that the airflow direction between the fans is the same, minimizing turbulence and generating high-pressure air volume to achieve better heat dissipation.

Eight heat pipes for strong heat dissipation

Eight 6 mm heat pipes and large aluminum fins and all-copper heat-conducting base, cool the temperature quickly and efficiently.

Full copper base and efficient thermal paste

High-conductivity heat pipes are used to quickly dissipate the heat emitted by the GPU, using the exclusive thermal module.

Thermal protection for important components

With the integrated design, the important components on the board are cooled by the excellent heat dissipation module, which protects the important components of the board and greatly improves the life and strengthens the stability.

16Pin Supplementary Power Connectors

16pin power connector, providing amazing speed and energy efficiency.

Metal back plate revamped

The back plate is designed to prevent bending and failure of the board due to long-term use and provide more reliable structural stability.


Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) NVIDIA GeForce® RTX 4080 SUPER
Bus Interface PCI Express 4.0
Memory Configuration 16G GDDR6X
Core Clock Base clock: 2295 MHz
Boost clock: 2550 MHz
Memory Speed 23 Gbps
Output Ports 1x HDMI(2.1), 3 x DisplayPort(1.4a)
Maximum Digital Resolution 7680x4320
Memory Interface Width 256-bit
(GB/sec)  Memory Bandwidth 736
CUDA Cores 10240
HDCP Support Yes
Microsoft® DirectX® 1Microsoft DirectX® 12 Ultimate
OpenGL® 4.6
Maximum Power Draw(W) 320 W

1 351.5 mm (length)

2 145.2 mm (height)

3 68.3 mm (thickness)

Package Contents WinFast RTX 4080 SUPER HURRICANE Graphics Card
Quick Installation Guide
16 Pin Power Cable x 1(3 x PCI/E 8pin to 16Pin)
GPU Support Holder
Requirements Microsoft Windows10,Windows 11 and Linux operation system (64 bit)
PCI-Express compliant motherboard with one four-width x16 graphics slot
Three 8-pin PCI-Express supplementary power connectors
8GB system memory (16GB or higher recommended)
1.5GB of available hard disk space
A DP or HDMI compatible monitor
Minimum 750W Power Supply