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NETUM W8-X Bluetooth Wireless QR Barcode Scanner 1D 2D Barcode Reader

IN STOCK Regular Price 9,000 ৳ Cash Price 8,000 ৳ SKU: 51946 Warranty: One Year Warranty Home Delivery: Yes
Monthly EMI
3 Months EMI ৳ 3000
6 Months EMI ৳ 1500
9 Months EMI ৳ 1000
12 Months EMI ৳ 750

Product Highlights / Key Features

NETUM W8-X Bluetooth , Wireless & Wired QR Barcode Scanner

1D & 2D Barcode Reader

Mini and delicate, Conformable to handle.

NETUM Anti-shock System

2000mAh Battery

See Specifications


Product Features:

W8-X is a special one in NETUM barcode scanners series. It can scan all 1d/2d/qr bar codes both on the screen and printed on the paper.And built-in 2000mah battery make this barcode scanner keep to work over 60,000 times,and the CMOS module can identify barcodes more quickly and efficiently.
1. Mini and delicate, Conformable to handle.
2. Unique CMOS System with German Technology for Accurate and Rapid Scanning.
3. Multilingual user guide/Can read multiple language barcodes like: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese.
4. NETUM Anti-shock System
5. Scanning mode: button trigger mode, automatic continuous reading mode, automatic detection mode.
6. Plug and Play.


  • Bluetooth Connection: Connect the scanner to your device via Bluetooth technology.
  • The transmission distance in the obstacles environment is about 10m / 33ft.
  • The tansmission in the environment without any obstacles can reach up to 50m / 164ft.
  • 2.4GHz Wireless Connection: Connect the scanner to your device via the USB adapter.
  • The transmission distance in the obstacles environment is about 30m / 99ft.
  • The tansmission in the environment without any obstacles can reach up to 100m / 330ft.
  • Wired Connection: Connect the scanner to your device via the USB cable. In wired mode, user can scan barcode while charging.

2 Upload modes

  • Instant Upload Mode: Read barcodes & upload barcode straight to the file you have opened
  • Storage Mode: All scanned barcode will be stored directly into the bulit-in memory of the scanner. You can upload the data to your device in batch.
  • Internal offline storage supports up to 2,000 barcodes.

3 Trigger Modes

  • Key Trigger Mode: Scanning light is only on when press the trigger.
  • Continuous Scan Mode: Scanning light is always on when the scanner is electrified. Scanning barcode without pressing any button.
  • Auto-induction mode: Scanning light is off until a barcode presented in front of the scanner. Once the barcode is detected, the scanning light will turn on automatically to read the barcode.

Strong Decoding Ability
Our W8-X supports following barcode types:

  • 1D: UPC/EAN, UPC/EAN with supplementals, Bookland EAN, ISSN, UCC Coupon Extended Code, Code128, GS1-128, ISBT 128, Code 39, Code 39 Full ASCII, Trioptic Code 39, Code 32, Code 93, Code11, Matrix 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, Discrete 2 of 5, Codabar, MSI, Chinese 2 of 5, GS1 DataBar variants, Korean 3 of 5, ISBT Concat
  • 2D: PDF417, MicroPDF417, Data Matrix, Maxicode, QR Code, MicroQR, Aztec, Hanxin etc.

Compatible Operating System:
Compatible with Windows, Mac OS,Linux, Android, IOS.
Note 1: Not compatible with Google Chrome OS.
Note :Incompatible with Samsung device ,Square POS,Amazon fire.

2000mAh Battery
NETUM W8-X use a 2000mAh rechargeable battery, the scanner has a 20 hours of continuous scanning. It can work about two weeks in daily used after full charge. It takes 3 to 4 hours to full charge the scanner.
Over 300 Configuration Options
* Add custom prefixes/ suffixes, delete characters.
* Add keyboard keys/ combinations (terminator TAB, CR&LF, Home etc.)
* Enable or disable the barcode type as you want. * Turn on/off the beep, change the capital/lower case

Buy NETUM W8-X Bluetooth ,Wireless ,Wired QR Barcode Scanner 1D 2D Barcode Reader at the best price in Bangladesh

Introducing the NETUM W8-X Barcode Scanner, a remarkable addition to our barcode scanner series that stands out with its versatile features and cutting-edge technology. Whether you need to scan 1D, 2D, or QR barcodes, the W8-X excels both on screens and printed on paper. This mini and delicate scanner is not only conformable to handle but also equipped with a powerful CMOS system featuring German technology for accurate and rapid scanning.

Key Features:

Versatility at its Best: The W8-X can effortlessly scan all 1D/2D/QR barcodes, providing you with the flexibility to capture information from both screens and printed materials.

Long-lasting Performance: With a built-in 2000mAh battery, the W8-X can continuously scan for over 60,000 times, ensuring reliable performance even in demanding environments.

Multilingual Capabilities: The scanner comes with a multilingual user guide and the ability to read barcodes in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Japanese.

NETUM Anti-shock System: Designed with the NETUM Anti-shock System, this scanner ensures durability and stability in various working conditions.

Multiple Scanning Modes: Choose between button trigger mode, automatic continuous reading mode, or automatic detection mode, providing flexibility based on your scanning needs.

Easy Connectivity Options:

Bluetooth Connection: Connect wirelessly via Bluetooth, with a transmission distance of up to 50m in an obstacle-free environment.
2.4GHz Wireless Connection: Utilize the USB adapter for wireless connection, with a transmission distance of up to 100m without obstacles.
Wired Connection: Connect directly to your device via USB cable, enabling barcode scanning while charging.

Dual Upload Modes:

Instant Upload Mode: Scan barcodes and instantly upload them to the open file.
Storage Mode: Store scanned barcodes in the built-in memory for batch upload later, supporting up to 2,000 barcodes in offline storage.
Flexible Trigger Modes: Choose from key trigger mode, continuous scan mode, or auto-induction mode for seamless barcode scanning.

Wide Barcode Compatibility: The W8-X supports an extensive range of 1D and 2D barcode types, ensuring it meets your diverse scanning needs.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS, offering versatility across various operating systems.

Long-lasting Battery: The 2000mAh rechargeable battery provides up to 20 hours of continuous scanning, offering approximately two weeks of daily use on a full charge.

Customization Options: Tailor the scanner to your specific requirements with over 300 configuration options, including custom prefixes/suffixes, keyboard keys/combinations, and barcode type preferences.

Elevate your scanning experience with the NETUM W8-X Barcode Scanner – a reliable, efficient, and customizable solution for all your barcode scanning needs.


Feature/Capability Description
Connection Options 3 in 1 Barcode Scanner: Bluetooth, 2.4G Wireless, USB Wired.
  Works with Smartphones (iOS/Android), PC, Laptop (Windows, Mac).
Scan Compatibility Reads barcodes from paper and LCD screens.
Decoding Ability Decodes most 1D & 2D barcodes: QR, Data Matrix, PDF417, UPC/EAN, Code 128, etc.
Scan Range & Battery Life 35m scan range; 15-day battery life (2000mAh battery).
Anti-shock Protection Covered by 3.5-6.5mm thick TPU material; resistant to drops; secure interior parts.
Specific Features - Specialized in the NETUM series.
  - Built-in 2000mAh battery; scans over 60,000 times.
  - CMOS module for quick and efficient barcode identification.
Design & Handling Miniature and delicate design; comfortable to handle.
Scanning Technology Unique CMOS system with German technology for rapid scanning.
Language & Guidance Multilingual user guide; reads multiple language barcodes (e.g., English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese).
Anti-shock System NETUM's specialized anti-shock protection system.
Scanning Modes Button trigger mode, automatic continuous reading mode, automatic detection mode.
Ease of Use Plug and Play functionality.