In-Win 509 Full Tower Chassis

৳ 12500.00

Dynamic Visual Effects

Consistent with In Win’s distinguishable feature of previous chassis, the 509’s front and side panel are both composed of tempered glass. Which even comes with a RGB logo that’s powered by a 4-pin connector (compatible with motherboards with RGB headers).These provides users with incredible visual experience.

Multifunctional Bracket Design

There are three multifunctional brackets placed on the right side of the 509, near the front, which are not only supportive for 2.5" SSDs, but also accommodating of 120mm fans. The versatile bracket design will make your PC building experience easy and enjoyable.

Graphics Card Support Brackets

Distinctively, the 509 is equipped with graphics card support brackets, which prevent the motherboard PCI-E slots from being distorted and the graphics card from malfunctioning. Generally, slot distortion is caused by interfering oversized graphics cards. But with the special brackets, your graphics card will work smoothly.

Supports up to an E-ATX Motherboard

The 509 full tower chassis’s roomy interior supports: E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards. These motherboard options allow gamers to have more options when choosing their gaming hardware.

Versatile Liquid Cooling Placements

In terms of the cooling installation, the 509’s interior structure is extremely flexible. The front side supports a maximum of three 120mm fans, and a 360mm radiator simultaneously. Moreover, the side and the middle of the chassis also support 360mm radiators and fans.

Outstanding Cooling Performance

The unique design of the hexagonal, honeycomb mesh exhausts the generated heat from the chassis, optimizing excellent cooling performance.




Black/Gray, Black/Red

Case Type

Full Tower

Case Material

SECC, Tempered Glass

M/B Compatibility

E-ATX (12" x 13"), ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX

Expansion Slots

PCI-E x 8

Maximum Compatibility

VGA Card Length: 370mm
CPU Heatsink Height: 188mm

Front Ports

4 x USB 3.0
HD Audio

External Drive Bays

1 x 5.25"

Internal Drive Bays

5 x 2.5"/3.5"
- 3 x EZ-Swap
4 x 2.5"

Thermal Solution Compatibility

3 x 120/2 x 140mm Front Fan / 360mm Radiator (Remove bottom HDD bracket)
3 x 120/2 x 140mm Internal Fan / 360mm Radiator (Remove bottom HDD bracket)
1 x 120/140mm Rear Fan / 140mm Radiator
1 x 120/140mm Bottom Fan (Remove the HDD bracket)

Power Supply Compatibility

- Length up to 230mm

Product Dimension
(H x W x D)

527mm x 235mm x 578mm
20.7" x 9.3" x 22.8"


Product Dimension
(H x W x D)
with screw height

527mm x 245mm x 578mm
20.7" x 9.6" x 22.8"

Package Dimension
(H x W x D)

670mm x 635mm x 355mm
26.4" x 25" x 14"

Net Weight

14kg / 30.9lb

Gross Weight

16.6kg / 36.6lb

* In Win products comply with RoHS regulation.
* Specifications may vary based on different regions.

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