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DarkFlash DF2100 White PC Case

  • DarkFlash DF2100 ATX Computer Case
  • Top radiator supports up to 360mm
  • Tempered Glass Materials, 3x USB-A / 3.5mm Audio Jack Port
  • 200 mm bottom power supply
৳ 6,500 ৳ 5,800

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The term "computer case" was first coined in the early 1950s by L.C. Richter of the Richter Corporation. He named it for the fact that most cases (or chassis) looked like a case of a church organ or organist's instrument case.
Richter’s name for this product evolved from his strong belief that many parts were interchangeable between a variety of machines, but not all parts were necessary for every type of computer, so he requested the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to register an “instrument case” as a trademark in 1954 for his invention, which was later changed to "computer casing." 

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What is a computer case? Types of Computer Case

It’s a system unit that encloses the internal components of the computer, including the processor, motherboard (processor board), RAM (random-access memory), and power supply.
It's an enclosure that contains all of the electrical components of your computer along with any peripherals such as a keyboard or mouse. PC CASES are also known as tower cases because they're built to hold your personal computer.
They come in different sizes so you can find one to fit your needs. It's also important to know how to use them properly and about what cables are connected to them so you don't damage them or get electricity into any other part of your system unless you choose to do so yourself.

PC CASES often come with filters and fans that help keep dust out when inside your system unit. There are also fans on top of each case. The fans have blades so they can move air in and out while they are installed in a PC CASE. Some types of cases also have vents that allow airflow through an enclosure when it is open which allows heat from your component inside it to escape as well as letting hot air out when it is closed which keeps cold air in it from escaping too easily with its own heat.

A PC CASE usually has three sections: cover, interior, and feet/brackets/supporting structure. Cover: The cover is what protects everything else inside the case from getting damaged or destroyed in various ways like being scraped off by nails or being thrown around by kids who just want some excitement without paying for it themselves! Interior: You won't see anything inside this section for long because everything inside has something protecting it from outside elements like people who want to damage them potentially or something else like fire or extreme cold! Feet/Brackets/Supporting Structure: This section holds everything once all the pieces have been put together including the floor, support structure for your monitor(s), keyboard tray(s) for keyboards (lightweight models only), fan(s), and power cables for monitors, etc.

ATX case

A case is the exterior of a computer. It protects the components inside of it. A case also protects against dust, water damage, and other environmental factors that can be encountered by the computer.
A computer case normally measures approximately 8.5" tall x 8.5" wide x 3.2" deep (20 cm tall x 20 cm wide x 10 cm deep).
A PC case is defined as a housing for a system unit (CPU, graphics card, motherboard), power supply (PSU), hard drive(s), optical drive(s), and other accessories that are used to install and maintain a personal computer (PC).

The term PC case does not necessarily refer to the total enclosure—the front panel of the chassis may be made up entirely of an ATX item like an ATX power supply or modular PSU; however, it may also refer to an external enclosure like the case of an iMac or Macbook Air. The chassis may contain only an external keyboard or mouse; in this instance, the term “case” would not be applicable since there is no physical connection between the keyboard and mouse. Cases are categorized by their size into a few basic types: Small form factor cases such as mini-ITX/MicroATX/ATX/E-ATX; large form factor cases such as MicroATX/ATX/E-ATX; large tower cases for desktop PCs and large server motherboards; high-end cases for high-end systems with high-performance discrete GPU's like Nvidia GeForce cards or AMD FirePro cards; mid-range cases for systems with integrated Intel HD Graphics but require additional cooling support; and premium cases for more powerful systems that require more powerful cooling technologies like liquid cooling systems, in-line radiators, etc.

Micro-ATX case

To understand the differences between a micro-ATX case and a standard ATX case, we need to define what a standard computer case is. A standard computer case is one with a large opening (usually at least 360 mm/12 inch) into which all of the components of the computer are installed.

A micro-ATX case is a smaller version of an ATX case. It’s designed to fit in small spaces, such as under desktops and under cabinets, where space is at a premium. This configuration allows for the use of smaller-sized components than are found in standard cases.Micro-ATX cases are available in both mini-ITX and full-tower configurations, although some manufacturers refer to them as mini-ITX only if they have a full-tower enclosure available. Micro-ATX cases all have rounded corners, making them easier to install than standard ATX cases with square corners, and even for those who do not want rounded corners because it makes installation easier on their arms or hands.
The aesthetic differences between micro-ATX and standard ATX enclosures are relatively minor:

Micro-ATX Cases – The materials used are usually less expensive than those used in an ATX enclosure – plastic, aluminum, or steel construction rather than metal or wooden construction.
– The materials used are usually less expensive than those used in an ATX enclosure – plastic, aluminum, or steel construction rather than metal or wooden construction. Micro ATV Cases – Micro ATVs (in this context they refer to cars designed specifically for off-road use) typically have wheels instead of flat ones like trucks and SUVs; this usually means an increased weight limit; this also makes it harder to mount larger graphics cards on it due to their lower weight capacities; however by using different types like carbon fiber wheels instead of steel ones users can effectively reduce the weight limit by half and still have pretty good handling capability from behind their vehicle thanks to their great traction; however, due to their smaller size this can be difficult for users who want more room inside the vehicle (although being able to fit pretty much everything inside is still possible)

Selection Criteria for a Good Casing 

The case is the exterior of the computer system. It commonly contains:

CPU- The central processing unit, a microprocessor on which the operating system runs and for which power is drawn from the system’s battery. This part of the computer is often referred to as a motherboard.
Motherboard- The main board that houses all of the components that are needed to run an operating system and provides connections for other components. The motherboard is also where an operating system loads programs and data files.
HDD- A large storage medium such as a hard disk drive, also referred to as a CD-ROM drive or CD-ROM device, that stores data electronically but requires physical media such as CD-R/RW discs or DVDs to read data stored on them.
Power Supply Unit (PSU)- An electrical component used to supply power directly to hardware components. PSUs usually have no cooling mechanism; heat generated by circuits inside heat sinks is dissipated by fans in case cooling systems may be necessary.

Storage Devices (HDD)- Storage devices such as solid-state drives or rotating magnetic disks that store information and are used with hard disks for data storage purposes. Hard drives are typically attached to motherboards with cables just below the motherboard, but some models can be installed directly onto non-motherboard surfaces via a slot in a back panel, which holds them in place.

Video Card – A video card allows an application running on the video card to display images on a monitor by converting digital information into analog signals which are then sent through an analog signal conversion circuit. Some types of video cards include accelerator cards and bridge cards which allow applications running on them to be run simultaneously using more than one DisplayPort at once.

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